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It’s that most wonderful time of the year, AGAIN!  Getting our kids prepared to return to school is always an emotional time for parents and children alike.  However, this year will be particularly more so.  We all recognize the importance of in-class learning and the wonderful impact it has on children’s development and breathing clean air while back to school is very important to the health of all students and teachers. We can all agree that parents have done their absolute best to take on the teacher role at home during this pandemic, but most of us are ready to start fresh this Fall and send them back to the classroom where they are best suited for learning and create some normalcy in all our lives.

Will they be safe and remain healthy at school this academic year?

Today, one of our greatest concerns about sending our children back to school is safety.  Will they be safe and remain healthy this academic year?

As a former teacher and parent, I know first-hand the importance of school for kids’ social development and mental well-being, not to mention their ability to learn.  The return to school is also an important step to restart our economy and get parents back to work while not worrying about the health of their children. “- The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

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What steps are the government and other private agencies taking to provide clean air at school?

Today, more than ever, it is important to have clean air throughout the school facilities to help protect the health and safety of everyone—students AND staff!

According to Ontario Education Minister, Steven Lecce, “…with children preparing to return to classrooms and post-secondary institutions on track to fully re-open without capacity limits of physical distancing requirements this Fall…the need for proper ventilation and filtration of indoor air is paramount.”

So many studies show that good indoor air quality in classrooms and schools increases the student’s ability to concentrate, remain focused and perform better overall.  Also, clean air reduces absenteeism.  Generally, upper respiratory illnesses are the lead cause of missed school days by both students and teaching staff.  Poor indoor air quality increases not only asthma and allergy symptoms, “it also affects children’s cognitive development.  Their brains and central nervous systems are still developing, making critical connections between neurons that affect speech, motor skills, memory, decision-making and other critical functions”.

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Air purification can dramatically reduce airborne illnesses

Air purification can dramatically reduce airborne illnesses and as a result, there will be less coughing, sneezing and viral infections being spread throughout.  Fewer sick students and teachers means less need for inhalers and other medications that can make them feel less alert and more drowsy: not a good recipe for a learning environment.  When students miss less school, parents miss less work!  When students are in school consistently, they are able to retain more knowledge and information.  Routines that are less interrupted, schedules that are consistently maintained equals better academic performance and as a result, confidence is built in every child.

Children are society’s future, but they are also society’s most vulnerable members…”

Here at PUR Distribution can we have many air purification units that are designed to clean and purify the air in both commercial and residential settings

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