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We are passionate.  We are reliable.  We are trustworthy and knowledgeable.  We are PUR Distribution Ltd. 

As an industry-leading, family-run company specializing in air purification, we strive to provide consumers with knowledge of the importance of protecting the air they breathe.  Educating our customers is our priority so they can make an informed and enriched decision when it comes to protecting and preserving their environments.

We have been helping Canadians experience great benefits of clean, contaminant-free, breathable air in their homes and workspaces.

Our health depends on it!  Nowadays, clean air is of the utmost importance.  It unfortunately goes unprotected because we cannot see it. 

We encourage you to reach out to us today and become familiar with the list of pollutants that can be infecting the air you are currently breathing.  Our air purification systems are an easy answer and are low maintenance to ensure good health and your well-being. 

We offer on-going support and service—we proudly stand behind our products because we genuinely BELIEVE in them.


made in Canada


We are a Canadian owned and operated company that specializes in air purification for your home or business. We provide premium quality air systems manufactured to suit Canadian needs. Pur Distribution Ltd. offers a wide range of air purification systems that are suitable for home, offices, healthcare, personal care facilities, hotels, schools and many more applications.

Our goal is to provide innovative, premium quality, environmentally friendly, life enhancing and healthy solutions for you and your family at your home or any business environment.

With many years of experience and thousands of active customers, you can always trust us to supply the best quality products.


Clean air is a valuable commodity. It promotes good health and well-being and adds to our quality of life. Pur Distribution Ltd. is an innovative, Canadian company committed to improving indoor air quality by building high caliber products using premium materials.  We are a company that is committed to offering a high standard product with a strong focus on paramount customer service.


  • To improve indoor air quality by offering information and education on the possible dangers of air-borne viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, VOC’s, chemicals and much more that cannot be seen.
  • To protect and enlighten consumers to better understand the viable solutions that are available and necessary in IAQ today.
  • To give people the opportunity and choice to breathe clean air, free from ultrafine toxic particles and harmful chemical pollutants.
  • To help people with allergies, asthma and respiratory conditions to lead healthier lives by reducing exposure to airborne pollutants.
  • To manufacture world-class quality air purifiers in Canada using the best components possible.
  • To manufacture products that are environmentally responsible and sustainable, largely free from plastic and which are 100% free from styrene foams
  • To improve the quality of indoor air that people breathe whether at home or at work, so we can all lead healthier lives.  Clean air is vital: just because we cannot see it, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of it.
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