Should Workplace Air Quality Be A Concern?

A recent poll by Leger and Association for Canadian Studies show that 82% of Canadians who have worked from home during the pandemic have found the experience to be very or somewhat positive. While only 20% of Canadian workers want to return to office full time. 

After more than one year of remote work brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, many employers are starting to open their offices and places of business.  More than two thirds of workers say they are concerned about returning to the office.

Concerns of the return to work include:

  • interacting with far more people than usual
  • stress of changes in routines and schedules
  • newly implemented safety measures
  • giving up the flexibility of working from home base

Getting Back to a New Normal

Getting back to normal or to a “new normal” will definitely take some time.  This transition time can vary form person to person.  As more people get vaccinated, employers are beginning to bring workers back.  Many have mixed emotions about the return to work.  The most common fear is that of leaving their “safe” space.  Many feel that it will be less safe if they are to return to taking public transit or spend hours in close proximity to other co-workers.  While working from home, we are confident that our environments are safe.  The people we allow to enter our space is completely our decision.  The hygienic safety measures are in place and we can, without thought, wash our hands, move around, clean our spaces at our leisure. 

We have even gone as far as ensuring that the air we are breathing indoors is clean by installing an air purification unit.  Public health experts note that the novel coronavirus transmits best when people gather indoors without masking or physical distancing for 15 minutes or more.

The CDC’s recommendation is to add portable HEPA air filters to rooms with more traffic.  This will help to remove viruses, bacteria, mold and other problematic things in the air.

Air quality concerns in the workplace PUR

How can we be sure that our place of business will secure all these measures that we diligently established at home?

Here are some tips for going back to work:

  1. Speak with your employer about a back-to-work policy
  • will employees be returning all at the same time?
  • what workplace safety measures will be put in place?
  • have they implemented air purification measures?
  • will masks/social distancing be enforced?
  • Talk to your co-workers ahead of time
  • find out how they are feeling about the return to work
  • share your feelings with them
  • Re-create your “home” office in your place of work:
  • have your cleaning products in your desk
  • have a room size air cleaner/purifier in your work space or ask your employer if they have done so to protect their customers and staff

Although there are many uncertainties when it comes to returning to the workplace, it is normal to feel like this can be a daunting time.  Safety is of the utmost importance and feel confident to make changes for yourself that will allow you to feel less stressed. 

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