PD-900DW Duct or Wall Mount Hepa Air Purifier - UV Bulb Installation Instructions

Replacing the UV Lamps, PCO Filter and Final Filter

  1. To change the PCO filter, Final filter and UV lamps, turn the Air Cleaner OFF and UNPLUG it. Remove the screws from the lamp access panel and remove the panel. DO NOT misplace the parts.
  2. Carefully remove the filters to avoid dusting of filter. Dispose of the filters in a plastic bag and discard with regular household trash.
  3. To remove the lamp from the lamp socket, pull the lamp, by the base, away from the lamp socket. Remove the lamp from the support clip. Remove the plastic lamp support clips by pinching the back of the clip and lightly pulling away from the reflector.
  4. Before replacing the lamps, the reflector should be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild nonabrasive soap.
  5. Replace the support clips by pressing them into the hole in the reflector.
  6. NEVER use any lamp other than from the original manufacturer. NEVER run the Air Cleaner with only one lamp.
  7. When replacing the lamp, use gloves to prevent oil from being deposited on the glass. Hold the lamp by the base and slide the glass end into the plastic support clip. Slide the lamp straight into the lamp socket until the lamp locks into place.
  8. Remove the new PCO filter from the bag and slide into the upper track under the lamps with the fuzzy side towards the lamps. During shipping and handling a small amount of white dust is created. This can be cleaned by vacuuming. DO NOT vacuum the filter.
  9. Remove the final filter from the bag and slide it into the track below the PCO filter with the arrow pointing away from the PCO filter.
  10. Replace the lamp access panel tightening all screws. Do not over tighten. Note: When the filters are new, you may notice a new smell from the system. This is normal and will dissipate within a few hours. The PCO Filter will discolor with use. This is normal.

WARNING Make sure the Air Cleaner is OFF and UNPLUGGED before opening the lamp access panel.

WARNING Eye and skin damage may result from direct exposure to the light produced by the lamp used in this product. NEVER open the lamp access panel without having the Air Cleaner unplugged.

CAUTION Do not touch the lamp glass with bare hands. Always use the gloves provided when installing the lamps. The oil from your hands may reduce the effectiveness of the lamp. The lamp may be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with water only.

CAUTION The lamps operate at a very high temperature. Allow the lamps to cool 10 minutes before touching. CAUTION When replacing the filters wear disposable gloves and a dust mask.

Replacement parts

PCO Filter (#DM900-0450): This must be replaced every 2 years.

Final Filter (#DM900-0810): Must be replaced at least once a year.

Carbon Prefilter (#DM900-0855): This must be replaced every 3-6 months.

HEPA Filter: (#DMH4-0400): This must be replaced every 2-4 years.

UVC Lamp (#DM900-0191) (2 required): Replace every 2 years. Includes lamp support clip. Lamp may still light after 2 years but intensity of the germicidal wavelength will be reduced.

PUR distribution schematic pd900DW