For efficient operation, the filters must be changed on a regular basis. If you notice a reduction in air flow from the system, check the filters.

1. To access the filters, turn the Air Cleaner OFF at the switch and remove the front door.
2. Carefully remove filters to avoid spilling of collected contaminants. Dispose of filters in a plastic bag and discard with regular household trash.
3. Remove plastic from new filters before installing. Discard plastic safely. Take care not to damage the filters. Hold by the frame only.
4. Date the replacement filter in the space provided.
5. Place the filters in their appropriate track with the arrows pointing toward the fan.
6. Use genuine replacement filters only. Call the original installer for parts.

Note: When the filters are new, you may notice a new smell from the system. This is normal and will dissipate within a few hours.

Prefilter (#DMH4-0855): This must be replaced every 3-6 months. A clean prefilter will increase the life of the HEPA filter and improve airflow.

Carbon Prefilter (#DMH4-0810): This must be replaced every 3 - 6 months. If there are heavy odors in the home from cooking, smoking, painting or other sources, the filter will require changing more often.

HEPA Filter (#DMH4-0400): Replace every 2-3 years. The life of this filter depends on the amount of contaminants in the air and the frequency in which the prefilter has been changed. Renovations in the home that create wood, drywall dust or similar contaminants will shorten the life expectancy of the HEPA filter.

Note: Handle the HEPA filter by the frame only. The paper is fragile and a puncture or tear will reduce efficiency.