Electronic Air Cleaners: How do they work?

Electronic Air Cleaners (EAC) are highly effective appliances in removing contaminants like allergens, pollen, dust, dust mites, viruses, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and odours, just to name a few.

A simple, basic type of filtration is used to make them so competent in cleaning indoor air.  It uses electrostatic precipitators to do the job.  How does this work? 

This electrostatic precipitator uses electrostatic force to capture and take hold of particles.  It is made up primarily of wires and collection plates found in the internal cell of the air cleaner. 

The entering particles will have a positive charge, while the collection plates which are negatively charged, are used to grasp and hold them.  With more positively charged particles and more negatively charged plates, the greater the particle removal. 

schematic PD-900SC

When airborne particles like dust, pollen and other allergens, for example, enter the cell and circulate between the collecting plates, the particles become charged, which causes them to attach to the collecting plates.  The air then passes through and leaves behind the particles.  The result: clean, purified air!

The benefits of EAC’s is that they are ideal for people with allergies, asthma or respiratory issues.  They clean the air efficiently and are simple to maintain.  The particles that are captured can simply be washed away.  Some EAC’s have negative ionizers built into them. When oxygen in the air is charged by the ionizer, negative ions are generated.

Negative ions attract and bind with the airborne pollutants (which as you remember, hold a positive charge). When this happens, a charge neutralization occurs.  The air pollutants get captured instead of being inhaled into our lungs.  The negative ionizer adds healthy negative ions in the air which studies have shown to have beneficial effects on human biochemistry both physically and mentally.

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